hmb_cfc_546_326If you are looking to consign or buy new furniture, accessories, or eclectic accents, Cape Fear Furniture Center is the place for you.

Our showroom and design center make us one of the largest furniture marketplaces in North Brunswick County! We stock new inventory daily and our staff can assist you with designing custom furniture perfect for your space. Our expertise in home design guarantees there are plenty of styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from.

We work with top quality vendors that offer us discounts on upholstery, lamps, and furniture items so we can pass the savings on to you! At Cape Fear Furniture Center, you can choose new furniture and home décor at the prices you expect from our sister store, Cape Fear Consignment & More.

Our inventory changes daily. Stop by and browse our show room, and ask about custom fabrics and colors that fit your taste.



As a former Social Worker, Elizabeth has vowed to see that all previously loved furniture and accessories find new homes.


As Retired Army, Myron has made it his mission to follow all of Elizabeth’s orders.


Mom, Designer, Friend….and the other adult in the room.


Student of Film, Media and Design. She’s a Craft maker and has a great eye for design.



Tiffany is a South Carolina girl.  Just be aware. If you talk to her, you’ll end up buying something.


Hairdresser by trade and natural salesperson.

Alyssa pic

Alyssa was a great find…or lucky happenstance. She’s great at sales, design, and occasional deliveries. Did I mention she has pet rabbits?


Student at CFCC in design, Sales Associate and Delivery when needed.


We have a Reagan, and we’re not afraid to use him.


Student at CFCC and our Nephew.  Nepotism running wild up in here.

Jayden is the son of Angela. An intelligent kid with Super Hero type hearing and a knack for repeating things you didn’t realize he heard.


A Graduate of Kindergarten Jayden is an accomplished Store Greeter, Furniture Assemblyman, Chair Tester, and Video Gamer.

Betty Boop is the youngest daughter of Elizabeth and Myron.  Her role at the store includes, Assistant Manager, Door greeter, and snack retriever.

Betty Boop

Betty’s skills include barking when she wants a snack, barking when she wants to go outside, and barking when she wants attention….. Just to name a few.